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Minnesota-Grown premium-quality gourmet & exotic mushrooms


Mushroom Farming Consulting & Supplies

Mushrooms may grow in dark, hushed environments, but they’re powerhouses of potential! We raise flavorful mushrooms on our exceptional Minnesota farm and are trusted by top chefs across our community. We also promote sustainable agriculture by equipping other mushroom farms with tools and mentoring. Partner with us today!


Discover Fresh, Local Produce Delivered from Our Farm to Your Table

We raise decadent mushrooms that are prized by chefs and market owners across Minneapolis and the South Metro area. Our dedication to sustainable growing methods makes our commercial efforts an asset to our planet, and we’re proud to offer chefs and stores top-notch produce. Explore the possibilities with us!

Thrive. Indulge. Grow.

At Midwest Mushrooms, we’re changing the way that the mushroom industry contributes to our communities. By raising fine products and helping others raise their own, we hope to be a genuine asset to everyone who comes into contact with us. Join us today.

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