Founded in 2018, Midwest Mushrooms serves mushroom enthusiasts around the globe. We’re privileged to produce exceptional mushrooms and share our knowledge with those who want to do the same. We believe that mushrooms are often underestimated when it comes to their many benefits. They’re more than just tasty treats — they’re powerful players in the health and fitness industry, and they deeply enrich their environment. Grow them on a plank of wood, and they’ll transform the wood into rich loam! There is nothing not to love about mushrooms!

As members of the St. Paul Growers Association and the Minnesota Mycological Society, we’re rooted in passionate learning and research. When we started our mushroom farm, we recognized an opportunity to build something uniquely sustainable and beneficial to all. That is why we’ve invested the time, effort, and resources to produce mushrooms the way they were meant to be produced — kindly. Most importantly, we share our hard-earned wealth of knowledge with like-minded mushroom growers across the nation and around the world. We believe our passion is an opportunity to improve life on our planet, and we’re glad to do our part.

We’re a tightly knit team of producers who care about every detail of what we do. Our excellence has earned us the trust of chefs and grocers across Minneapolis, and we would be honored to partner with you. Whether you’re a culinary artist or an urban farmer hoping to start your own mushroom growing system, let us help. We look forward to working with you!


Peter Ralston

Owner and Technical Farmer

Peter is an industrial automation engineer specializing in the design of custom packaging machines. After learning to grow mushrooms, Peter quit his job to pursue the cultivation of mushrooms full time. Peter has helped other mushroom farms start producing 500 lbs of mushrooms with in 6 months while remaining profitable.

  • Knowledge of how to start up a successful home base operation

  • Solid grasp of business strategies and testing the market

  • High mechanical aptitude and ability to trouble shoot complex situations.


Danielle Ralston

General Operations Manager


Brad Kuhns

Chief Technical Officer

Considered by many to be the Nikola Tesla of Mushroom farming. Brad Kuhns has helped start over 20 successful mushroom farms and has years of hands on experience engineering custom mushroom cultivation equipment such as the Odin Bagging System and the Combo Pellet. Brad specializes in low cost high output systems designed to maximize profit and minimize time. 

  • 25 years of software development

  • Hands on mechanical thinker and DIYer

  • Experience developing custom designed solutions being brought to market

Tiny Tinks Farm

Tiny Tinks Farm is a small urban farm that serves the local Southern Metro area. We work with local wholesalers, chefs, our CSA members and local farmer’s markets to sell and distribute our produce, microgreens, and (mostly) exotic mushrooms at an affordable price. We are not certified organic but put our emphasis on soil stewardship and environmentally sound practices; we adhere to proven and scientifically sound health standards. We care for our land by recycling our spent mushroom substrate, kitchen scraps, and other local organic waste streams along with biochar. We promote good soil health through crop rotation and sustainable farming practices. Our secret is the mycelium that provides nitrogen rich food for the plants, worms, and other microorganisms. Being of service to our community is the fuel that drives us.