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If you want to produce natural, delicious mushrooms, Midwest Mushrooms is here to help. We’ve spent years building our one-of-a-kind operation, and we’re known for our sustainable practices. It’s our privilege to pass on what we know, helping kindred spirits thrive as they produce mushrooms of the highest quality. We’re excited to partner with you and learn more about how we can help you!

Our Farm Consulting Services

Running a successful farm is complex, rewarding work. It’s also a team job. Most farmers find success through the passed-down information given to them by others who know more, and we’re passionate about being a resource for you. Whether you’ve run into growing issues or you want to optimize your production to the next level, our consultants can help. We’ll be there when you call us, ready to give whatever help you need.

Commercial mushroom growing is a worthy challenge. When you have knowledgeable allies, it’s possible to grow your operation and provide great-tasting products to your community. With our help, you’ll level-up your operation and be a major resource to those around you. Whether you have a bunch of space to start a farm or just a small area you’d like to transform into a productive piece of square footage, mushroom farming fits anywhere. That’s part of why we love it so much. Let us guide your journey to success. Learn more today!

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