Learn to Farm Mentorship


Do you love to get your hands dirty and grow delicious things? Do you have a space that’s quiet, dim, and ready to be transformed into a mushroom farm? We’re ready to help. Our sustainable, urban farming strategies can be customized to any location. Whether you have plenty of space on a rural property or you live in the middle of town and have a couple square feet to spare, Midwest Mushrooms can make mushroom farming possible for you.


We’re proud to work with both new and established mushroom growers, providing leadership, mentorship, and consulting services. As growers ourselves, we understand the challenges and joys of producing mushrooms. We’ve done the hard work required to optimize our methods, and we want to help you find success. Let us mentor you, and we’ll put the most effective equipment, growing methods, and business plans at your fingertips. We’ll work hard to see you become a success!

Growing produce is a truly rewarding job, no matter the extent of your capacity. At Midwest Mushrooms, we’re passionate about helping others enjoy the fruits of this timeless human privilege. Join us and let our team be your dedicated consultants. We’ll work just as hard as you do to ensure you have the equipment and support you need to be the finest mushroom producer in your area. We partner with clients around the world, so get in touch with us today.